Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing brings a state of deep relaxation and well-being which clears blockages and stagnation and accelerates the circulation of energy. It relieves pain and stress and helps the receiver find the necessary balance to reactivate the immune system.  Yoko will use natural sorce and solution to heal you. The healing and rejuvenate are maybe not you expecting way, but it effect the best way at the moment.


To learning Reiki healing is a great tool for understanding how to find your hidden seed and activate our light body. If we become more spiritual, our daily life is getting more fun and happy because you start to know about yourself and know what you turly wants. 

After you understanding yourself, then you will meet your soulmates to start your new life.

Being spiritual is very fun because you start to seeking what is going on and solves a problems in the positive way.

You will see many good spirits , angels to support you.

And finally you are become a Reiki itself.

People start feel comfortable being around you!

She has been following Moon Phase with 12 Astrogical sign and planet of Galaxcy. She talks about to following this energy can help us how to get more luck and happiness. She also sell the special wand once a while.

Her Spiritual develop Mandala Book

Healing tour in Japan