I am a seed & light body activator for who need help to rejuvenate health, beauty and life. I am not only follow natural solutions but also Science to heal the people. 

Yoko Wee is originally from Japan. She grew up in the beautiful seasons and historical culture found there. She spent a lot of time in nature and playing around in the Shinto Shrines where she grew up. Both grand parents gifted all their wisdom to this grand child.

She was lucky to be born into a unique family of Medical Doctors and School Teachers. Even her father was a pharmacist of both western and eastern medicine. She feels that the environment is a necessity to become an Aromatherapist.

In 1998 , She had studied Essential oils for more than 250 hours at her first Aromatherapy School and become an Holistic Aromatherapist. And her study and research of essential oils has never stopped.


She has been teaching essential oils and healing people since 1999 and has been helping more than 3000 people for their health and beauty. and still increasing the numbers. Her clients and collaborate are not only public but also professions.



In 2003-2005,  works at Beauty Spa in Hawaii and had about 2500hours practice made her strong career to heal the people. She also had position to teach Aromatherapy at this Beauty Spa & School.

In 2010-2012, She also had Aromatherapy class in English at Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii.

That made stimulate her career on local side.

In 2012, doTERRA CPTG essential oils found her. She has been educated people how to use and what to effect of these wonderful essential oils. The doTERRA is the safest and most effective essential oils in the world.

Owner of Hawaii Aroma Life

Authorized a professional aromatherapist by National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Silver #233889



Since she was living with nature, she used to have a strong sense to feel the atmosphere. She has been practice to understand what is the different between from reality and truth.

In 2008, she met her Reiki master Lao Xie Christopher Lee Matsuo (Dragon master )and Quantum Reiki master Makaula Nakae (higher intelligence master). Her ability of sense and healing power had amazingly brought back and opening up by these two masters. 


Everywhere she goes new place, she started to connected of originated spirit and developed her energy work.

She start to have more and more to communicate to higher spirits and guides.

The most amazing experience that she got her company symbol from Primavera in Firenze. She didn't realize that she got already received it until she found one year later.

In 2016, people started to offer the healing class even essential oil wellness class.

She felt that people want to awaken but don't know how so she shifted to more focus on spiritual side to teaching them self healing and helping their seed activate for finding their quest.

To following Moon astrology and Japanese ancient script are stimulate her teaching Reiki class. That made her to also have a New moon meeting to share the message from universe.

*5th Generation of Usui Reiki Master

*2nd Generation of Quamtum Reiki Master & instractor

*Miko (Shrine Made) Daijigu Temple of Hawaii

*Shorinji ryu Saito Ninjyutsu "Kujigiri"

Apprentice of Reiki master class:

Ambra Sartorio (Italy)

Masaki Nakayama (Hawaii)

Mayu Mitani (Japan)

Here is one of Yoko's Aromatherapy Workshop Scene.